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Tiffany has been an independent artist since 2008 and she loves what she does. Her work has appeared on gallery walls, books, magazines and much more. For the last decade, she has worked out of her studio illustrating stories inspired by nature, folklore and fairytales. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in illustration at Laguna College of Art & Design. Tiffany is apprenticing under the talented Feliz and is looking forward to combining her love of fantasy, drawing and lore into personalized body art. Currently she is accepting clients for small to medium sized pieces in black & grey. She’d love to make nature and fantasy themed pieces, especially if they incorporate mushrooms and animals.

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Book with Tiffany


To book an appointment with Tiffany, send an email to

Please include your creative concept, reference images, placement preference, if you are a new or already established client, and what days of the week you are typically available for appointments.

Our artists typically respond within two weeks. We appreciate your patience as it allows your artist the ability to be fully present for clients during their appointments and able to focus on collaborating with you on your future design in the times they have allotted for responding to your inquiries.

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