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Shop Policies

Modern Craft Tattoo is proud to host a safe, clean, and inclusive environment that supports both the artistry of tattooing and the integrity of its process. To maintain this environment, we operate our shop by the policies listed below. By booking with any of our artists, you are agreeing to respect and adhere to these policies.

Safety Deposits

All deposits are non-refundable and are credited to the total cost of your tattoo at the end of your appointment. Appointments are not secure until a deposit has been received. Deposits are good for the originally submitted tattoo design only and are non-transferable to other designs or to other people. Designs are available only at the beginning of your appointment and will not be sent to clients prior to their appointment. Any necessary changes to the design can be discussed with your artist at that time. In the event of no shows, cancellations, or late arrivals, the deposit will be forfeited as the artist has set aside time for that appointment and spent time creating your design.

Late Arrivals*

Clients who are more than 10 minutes late to their appointment forfeit both their appointment and deposit. 


Clients who cancel their appointments forfeit their safety deposits.


We encourage clients to only book appointments they are absolutely sure they will be able to attend.

No Shows

Clients who do not arrive within ten minutes of their appointment start time and do not contact their artist in advance are considered a "No Show". Clients who "No Show" forfeit their deposit and appointment slot.


If this occurs more than once, our artists reserve the right to deny any future services and terminate the client relationship.

Photography & Videography

While we understand every tattoo experience is exciting, we ask all clients and visitors to discuss with their artists whether or not it is okay to photograph or film them during the tattooing process.


We ask that no pictures be taken of any artists pre-drawn art unless express permission has been given to protect the integrity of our artists and their designs.

Inappropriate Behaviors

If any individual is displaying inappropriate behavior towards clients or artists, we reserve the right to remove them from the premise and/or deny them services immediately. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.


If your appointment had to be ended early due to violation of this policy, you are responsible for fully compensating your artist for the full cost of your appointment at their hourly rate. Any scheduled bookings may be canceled and any further booking requests may denied by our artists.

Pregnant & Breastfeeding Individuals

It is industry standard not to apply tattoos to pregnant and breastfeeding individuals due to a higher risk of infection passing in utero and through breastmilk. Modern Craft will not, under any circumstances, apply tattoos to pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. If you have a scheduled appointment and find out you are pregnant, please email your artist as soon as possible.

*Cancellations & Late Arrivals- In rare circumstances, if advanced notice is given with a minimum of 48 hours, artists may allow exceptions at their own discretion. We do not guarantee that any of our artists will create exceptions for clients.

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