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Born and raised in Prescott Arizona, Aubreigh has made a name for herself by being very active in the community. She has worked on large scale murals around the Prescott and Phoenix area for different community centers and for the city. Aubreigh is a self taught artist that dabbles in many different medias from felting, knitting, oil painting, to metalwork, woodwork, & watercolor. 

Art and animals has always been apart of her life. Aubreigh went to college in Colorado for zoology and became a zookeeper/ wildlife rehabber for 7 years. Aubreigh's love of art led her to drawing commissions for online clients in her free time. After successfully growing a clientele, she wanted to expand her talents and delve into tattooing which has interested her since high school.

She has been an apprentice under Feliz at Modern Craft Tattoo since May 2023. Her drawing style consists of animals, western/desert, nature, and cartoons!  

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To book an appointment with Aubreigh, send an email to

Please include your creative concept, reference images, placement preference, if you are a new or already established client, and what days of the week you are typically available for appointments.

Our artists typically respond within two weeks. We appreciate your patience as it allows your artist the ability to be fully present for clients during their appointments and able to focus on collaborating with you on your future design in the times they have allotted for responding to your inquiries.

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